21 May 2020

In a fast changing newsroom environment, having an integrated and cohesive workflow is essential for a smooth operation. Etere news playout integrates seamlessly with the NRCS system to manage multiple news channels.

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Manage NDI, SDI and IP playout of news feeds with speed, precision and ease
Etere News Playout allows you to manage NDI, SDI and IP playout with speed, high availability and reliability. Etere news playout supports all industry-standard control protocols and runs as a studio playout for news stories as well as a Media Object Server (MOS) gateway to communicate with Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS). Etere also supports SD, HD and 4K playout.

With its support for virtualised environments, you are able to implement Etere Playout into any workflow easily. The playout controls multiple video server channels in rundown via Etere ETX or any external video servers. If you have multiple players, Etere allows you to play multiple videos files in a single rundown by assigning each video to a player. On top of that, the playout allows you to broadcast the completed rundowns instantly from Etere Nunzio Newsroom. Besides Nunzio Newsroom, Etere News Playout is also integrative with most NRCS systems and standard video servers in the market.

Etere News Playout is able to manage the playout of multiple news channels simultaneously. It is designed to handle the playout of complex news stories including
■ Play a story and individual secondary video elements in a single rundown
■ Toggle between playout of video elements and story on-air with simple shortcuts
■ Have multiple clients to connect to a single playout engine. The clients can control multiple channels with different graphical interface configurations
■Manual/automatic playout through multiple channels

Etere News Playout is fully integrative with Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) and Etere T-Workflow, making it easy to manage and move media files from the database to the broadcasting workflow from a single interface. Etere streamlines the process to take your news stories from the storyboard to on-air.

Etere News Playout, together with Etere Nunzio Newsroom empower users with results-proven software solutions to manage the complete newsroom lifecycle from the story development to the playout. Etere provides a complete news management and playout system for newsrooms of all sizes, whether you are a single channel start-up or an established news production house with multiple channels and playout requirements. Etere software solutions have been designed to simplify your workflows and enhance your efficiency. With its unbeatable software engineering and renowned reliability, Etere elevates your workflow capabilities so that you can focus on producing great content.