28 February 2019

This licence enhances the capabilities of Etere ETX Inserter when there is no playout automation to manage the closed caption on air. Etere will embed the captions in the file as CEA608/CEA708 format. Subsequently, Etere Pass through CC converter generates the ARIB/DVB stream.

Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software is one of the most advanced subtitling software on the market. It comes with a full range of features and integrations that allow it to support all types of subtitling requirements and configurations. Etere enhances the capabilities of its software with add-on licences. One of these enhancements that it supports is the Etere Pass Through CC Converter. In a setup that does not include Etere Playout Automation, Etere Pass Through CC Converter boosts the capabilities of the Etere ETX Inserter System for the seamless management of closed captions on air. Closed captions will be embedded into files formats such as CEA 608 and CEA 708. Subsequently, the Etere Pass Through CC Converter generates the ARIB or DVB closed caption streams which are now ready for distribution.

The Workflow
Closed Caption files can be managed from Etere Media Asset Management. After the selection of files, Etere ETX Closed Captions Inserter facilitates the insertion of closed captions into both recorded media and live playout. Users can insert the closed captions in any legacy server or combine a traditional master control switcher with ETX solutions. Etere manages the workflow that embeds the files into CEA 608/ CEA 708 standards. In the next steps, Etere Pass Through CC Converter generates the ARIB or DVB closed caption streams.

About Etere ETX Inserter
Etere ETX inserter inserts SDI captions and produces a stream to insert closed captions using ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Business) and DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) standards. Etere ETX Inserter comes with full graphic capabilities that enable the insertion of graphics in advertisements. During the ad insertion, graphics files such as logos can be inserted. It also provide independent AsRun logs for accurate billing and SNMP console for real-time monitoring.

Save Log Files in Etere ETX Closed Captions Server
Using Etere ETX Closed Captions Server, users can save and extract log files for reference.

About CEA 608 Closed Captions
CEA 608 supports up to 2 languages at any point of time. The closed caption transmission is transmitted on Line 21 data area of the analog signal and can be viewed with a decoder. CEA 608 closed caption can be transmitted to both analog and digital television.

About CEA 708 Closed Captions
CEA 708 closed captions can only be transmitted on digital television. It is used in HD digital television to support multi-languages captions. The captions support up to 8 font options, 3 text sizes, 64 text colours and 64 background colours.

About DVB Subtitling
Designed to standardize displays of multiple language subtitle broadcast, DVB subtitling delivers multi-language subtitles in the form of bitmaps. DVB subtitling is used in satellite and terrestrial DVB transmissions.A user can select whether to display subtitles or not and, if available, which one of several languages.

About ARIB Closed Captions
ARIB standards was established by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses in Japan for digital broadcasting and as a non-governmental standard of data broadcasting specifications.

About Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software
Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software is a powerful software that is also one of the most advanced subtitling tool on the market. It is able to manage the complete workflow of creation, management, burning, playout and conversion of multi-language subtitles, open and closed captions. It also supports live captioning including ARIB and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) via Etere ETX Inserter. Etere Sudbtitling and Closed Caption software simplifies the end-to-end process of subtitles and captions insertion into any workflow. It enables users to comply with government regulatory compliance and opens up opportunities for content to be distributed to audiences around the world across multiple platforms.
■Integrated with Google Speech to Text for 120 Languages and variants
■CEA 608 and 708 Closed Captions
■DVB Subtitling and ARIB Subtitling
■Extremely fast. Captions can be inserted/edited even just before being on-air
■Web format include ad webVtt
■Automated subtitling workflows including insertion, extraction, format conversions, timing, frame rate adjustment, sub-clipping and clip assembly
■No licence or hardware is needed for insertion or preview
■Unlimited web clients supported
■Etere ETX 's time delay feature enhances live captioning
■Easy single key production and management of large files
■Live captioning management with live edits and voice recognition
■Import and export subtitles in all major standard formats
■Full support for Unicode language, TrueType fonts and spell-check for multiple languages
■Integrated MAM provides an effective management of subtitles and targeted advertising
■Open captions: Transcoder licence for file production and preview
■Integrated Etere workflow system for easy production

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