13 June 2019

Etere incorporates the quality assurance, technological advances and reliability of Sony's Optical Disc Archive Products in its tapeless workflow solutions such as MAM and HSM.

Tight integration with the Sony Optical Disc Archive platform expands the range of storage technologies supported by Etere solutions and enables Etere's customers full flexibility to leverage on Sony's capabilities. In addition, Etere solutions provide a broad range of support for third party products. Etere aims to promote collaborative workflows and to empower its users with its interoperability and scalability for any environment.

About Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) System
Sony Optical Disc Archive System is positioned as a tapeless high capacity digital archive system suitable for both nearline and deep archive applications. It is a open-platform, vendor-neutral optical drive that does not require any specific software to access data. It is also a cost effective solution with low power consumption, virtually migration free media and highly durable and resilient for a wide range of environmental conditions.

Additionally, the technology is well-suited for a wide range of storage applications that include sports production, editorial, mezzanine level video and digital media preservation. Sony Optical Disc Archives offer many advantages such as up to 50+ years of archival life, Phase-Change Technology which results in outstanding long-term storage performance. Sony ODA is compatible with a wide range of products from the backwards CDs to advanced Blu-ray.

Type of Modes
■ Using write-once (R) cartridge media prevents accidental or unauthorized changes to data to meet data authenticity requirements
■ Write Verify mode ensures data is archived accurately for future data restore
■ Non-contact random access recording technology, ultra high read count and protective cartridge shell is ideal for data portability and preservation
■ The utility "Roll Back" function allows deleted files to be restored

Etere HSM and Sony Optical Disc Archive Integration
The integration between Etere HSM and the SONY Optical Disc Archive product line is the ideal archiving solution for Near-Line and Long-Term storage for all broadcasting stations; it provides a versatile and sophisticated solution to store your media assets in a library unit so that you enjoy multi-access and sharing of files, with scalable storage capacity.

ETERE HSM is able to interface the Sony's extensible high-capacity file-based system to enable you to store data in compact cartridges (housing 12 optical discs within), allowing you to correctly track the shelf position of archived content and automatically handle cartridges within the library through robotic movements.

ETERE supports multiple ODA libraries and a mixed environment with LTO and ODA, allowing you to use the best of both systems. With Etere HSM, users are able to move and optimize video content in order to save space, time and money.