18/12/2012Etere Tapeless Reception

The efficient and secure solution for the automatic transfer of any digital content

Etere Tapeless Reception manages all your digital contents from external sources (e.g. production companies, advertising agencies, etc.). It allows you to implement a web service-based portal framework for remote content reception, where digital files and metadata can be received under a fully monitored system integrated with post-delivery workflows. Etere Tapeless Reception allows the integration of NLE systems (e.g. FCP, Avid, Edius, etc.) and other file-based sources within the station’s archive, this web-based solution is cemented on the latest streaming technologies for video distribution and it supports all major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari; thus ensuring the reliability and quality of the service.

Etere Tapeless Reception takes full advantage of a tapeless environment to eliminate the need of creating physical copies, entrusting valuable material to private couriers, risking of excessive waiting times; thus by enabling contents to be sent digitally (i.e. without using magnetic tapes) via internet, bringing a shorter delivery time than this required by a common consignment of magnetic tapes.

Tapeless Reception Diagram

Key Benefits

• Integration, Non-linear editing systems as well as any file-based system can transfer content to the station’s digital archive through a highly secure and friendly web service;
• Reliability, workflow-based operations performed before and after the upload process permits to increase not only the system security but also its overall productivity;
• Flexibility, authentication credentials can be periodically changed by the station for security reasons;
• Scalability, upload servers can be added to the web service without altering the system design or its functioning;
• Distribution, the station can rely its content acquisition on any user around the world with internet access; the tapeless reception will turn them into secure content deliverers;
• Accuracy, received content and metadata is checked with the maximum of accuracy to reduce the risk of mistakes, whether after the delivery and in periodical basis;
• Security, all web users will be required to authenticate them into the station’s active directory domain, thus reinforcing and reassuring the service security.

Tapeless Reception Web

Web Integration

Etere Tapeless Reception provides all the information necessary for transferring a file:
• to the station: including also all its related metadata;
• to users authenticated into the station’s Active Directory domain (e.g. editing, producers, agencies, etc.).
Users can perform, in a quick and safe mode, the following operations:
• New delivery: request the information necessary to upload files into the web server;
• Send media: deliver the file according to what specified by the station;
• Add metadata: compile all the metadata related to the sent asset;
• View history: check current uploads status and consult a historical uploads report.